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Eagle Ridge Capital offers medical practice loans & financing for medical doctors who’re waiting on coverage payments and other receivables. these finances may be used for devices, supplies, furnishings, payroll, expansion, transforming, or every other clinical workplace needs that require cash in hand. Our financing is ideal for practices that discover themselves cash negative and struggling to come up with cash for instant expenses.

Our small enterprise loans alternatives are quick and smooth, with money becoming available to you within some business days. Our clients consist of dentists, doctors, surgeons, and eye doctors to name just a few. there may be no need to fear that your office is simply too small. in contrast to traditional creditors, we’re happy to build relationships with small organizations. also, any mortgage records with horrific credit score will not adversely impact your finance application. There aren’t any charges while you apply and we’re bendy enough to regulate your payments if business is sluggish or insurance payments are late.
We remember the fact that medical workplaces are regularly waiting on coverage payments from healthcare vendors and want to offer payment for workforce and medicines. most scientific workplaces and clinics have better rental costs than other small corporations due to the fact they’re regularly placed in higher priced rental properties. these expenses all add up for medical practitioners.

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Who Is Eligible?

Are you opening additional stores, offices, or facilities? Purchasing inventory or equipment? If you are expanding into new markets, acquiring a new location or just making renovations, we’re here to help.


Must be open, operating, and have been generating at least $5,000 or more in sales per month for at least 3 months. You must be a U.S. citizen and be conducting business in one of the fifty states.

Loan Features

Receive amounts of $5,000 to $500,000 upfront! Our application process can get you approved in 24 hours, even for those who have been declined by a bank. Plus, with fixed or flexible payments.



Success stories from our clients.

I can't thank Eagle Ridge Capital enough for helping me save my business. The bank cut my business credit line and would not approve me for an additional loan but Eagle Ridge Capital was able to give me enough capital to make my payroll and pay my lenders. Thanks for helping me out.

Maria T.

Expert assistance, fast and easy process. Merchant Cash Advance from Eagle Ridge Capital helped me out when I needed it the most. We will definitely be using Eagle Ridge Capital again and Thank you again.



My business was struggling at the time I met Derrick at Eagle Ridge Capital. I had major trouble getting a business loan from my local bank.Eagle Ridge Capital  was there for me and my partners and, with their help we managed to overcome our worse year of business. Thank you.


We were surprised at how easy and painless it was to get a business advance from Eagle Ridge Capital. They helped us all the way through the process and made our life much easier. We needed the money fast and we got the money fast. We  recommend them any day. Thanks a lot.


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